Naomi Treistman
Domestic Taxonomy

Naomi Treistman’s “Domestic Taxonomy” encompasses a series of sculptures that reflect upon the artificiality of modern culture. Every backyard has the same color, whether it is grass or faux turf, a suburban life demands an outdoor green carpet. Landscapers commodify greenery as a product through which humans can enjoy nature. Even more, city people do no less in decorating their apartments with indoor potted plants. As such it seems that the setting doesn’t really matter. Whether in the rural, urban or domestic sphere, we are all under the influence of a post-imperial rule that abstracts the nature of things through a value system that aims for possession rather than essential existence.

Analyzing this idea from the perspective of the domestic environment, Treistman questions the reality of the new mundane by reducing it to vessels (potted plants) made from playful materials that abstract the limit between artificial and organic matter. The artist’s potted plants, vessels, or contained sculptures, intend to seize the tensions between needs and commodities, as well as story absorbing and story telling devices. Detaching their meaning from the notions of plant or object, they embrace a new artificial nature as means of emancipation.

A colletive shot of Naomi's work, the opening image features her ceramic pieces displayed with slight room in between each element.
Domestic Taxonomy Collection
Naomi Treistman
Hang in there
Naomi Treistman
Polyurethane, wire, sillicon rubber, and clay
35" x 18" x 5" - 2020
A rotating view of Naomi's first piece, it features a pink assemblage at the base while a plant-like structure sits at the top.
Naomi Treistman
Polyurethane, clay, acrylic paint,
flocking and varnish

11" x 5" x 6" - 2020
The base consists of the lower half of a plastic cola bottle that has been sprayed in pale gray paint. The upper half features a dark navy column with cattails poking out.
American Milkweed
Naomi Treistman
Castilene, EPS foam glue, polyurethane, wire,
packaging peanuts, aqua-resin and acrylic paint

8" x 4" x 4" - 2020
A broken vase sits about with a lone wilting flower.
Naomi Treistman
Wire, castilene, and silicon rubber
12" x 6" x 6" - 2020
Naomi Treistman
Polyurethane, wire, rope,
castilene and silicone rubber

15" x 5" x 5" - 2020
The Yarda
Naomi Treistman
Polyurethane, aqua-resin, acrylic paint,
flocking and wire

15" x 5" x 5" - 2020
Wire Transfer
Naomi Treistman
Polyurethane, polymer, wire,
acrylic paint and flocking

9" x 10" x 5" - 2020
Naomi Treistman
Polyurethane and paper tag
5" x 9" x 9" - 2020
Naomi Treistman
Polyurethane, wire, castilene, aqua-resin,
polymer, acrylic paint and varnish

25" x 14" x 9" - 2020